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    Should We Be Leary of People Who Name Them Selves Prophets, Apostles and Pastors?



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    Should We Be Leary of People Who Name Them Selves Prophets, Apostles and Pastors?

    Post  Admin on Sun Dec 03, 2017 10:14 pm

    I will address a Priest as 'Father', which i see as appropriate. A pastor likewise. I have no axe to grind there, yet I see people self-titling themselves as prophets and oracles. Since they are not, this is entirely inappropriate.
    1 Peter4: 11 that "if ANYONE speaks, let him speak as the oracles of God." Since those words endow no authority, this is not licence to put oneself on a par with The Almighty afaiac. I believe the Bible specifically forbids it.

    In other words, every man or woman who claims to be a prophet and speak thus saith the Lord in effect claims that they have some very important things to say which need to be added into the Bible and held with the same authority as anything all the other prophets and apostles spoke in the Bible.
    That's about the size of it.
    So what about all the doomsayers at the moment damning whole sections of Earth's people to destruction, and even Earth itself, and hoping, nay fully expecting, a cosy nest themselves while others perish? What happened to love thine enemies? Love thy neighbour? Won't they pay for that?

    Jesus died in the name of the whole of humanity, not just a few special ones. Even then he asked for forgiveness for them. There was no 'I'm alright jack and damn them'. So if that is God's teaching, why is it ignored? Look anywhere and you can't miss what's going on.


    Jesus being the great Shepherd, His followers are portrayed as sheep. Yet these false prophets only appear to be Jesus’ followers. Their true nature is one of devouring the lives of the unsuspecting—as a wolf among the flock.

    Notice that these individuals are deceived about their own spiritual state. They think they have a special relationship with Jesus—but He ends up telling them they are gravely mistaken. In reality, He doesn’t know them at all.
    have a special relationship.... Nobody does. ALL are equal in God's eyes. ALL! Nobody has favour over another, yet such knowledge is apparently forgotten in the usual way. The good shepherd did leave his whole flock in search of one lost did he not? That tells you everything you need to know, and I don't refer to the all men created equal thing. That's different.


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