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    How Does Hindu Teaching Compare to the Bible?



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    How Does Hindu Teaching Compare to the Bible?

    Post  Admin on Thu Apr 06, 2017 4:27 pm

    The Bible was spoken by God
    The word was spoken by God. The Bible was written by man.

    God has decreed that we must follow only His message revealed in the Bible. No other sources of spiritual authority should be accepted.
    The Bible has been altered over time. Where is the Biblical message that the word of God may be altered or re-interpreted or rewritten? That would directly defy the word of God as per the Bible wouldn't it? Yet it's happened.

    Anybody knowing they receive directly from God is in a quandry. Do they ignore God and follow mortal man's texts, or submit to the highest 'spiritual authority' and ignore man?
    I have my answer. How about you?


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