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    Crash Test Ford Focus 120 mph



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    Crash Test Ford Focus 120 mph

    Post  Admin on Sat Apr 01, 2017 9:00 pm

    There are those who think their 'infinite consciousness', and pure belief, will protect them in such circumstances.... I've asked about similarly deadly scenarios.
    You will be splashed to the four winds... As a mortal, you are subject to the laws of physics, even if 'consciousness' isn't. The problem, is that your 'consciousness' will fade just as fast as your life did. It exists, only while you do.

    If you become unconscious, or even faint. What do you remember about it? That's right, nothing at all.

    Mechanically Minded and Searching for the Truth.

    Between the Masculine and Feminine, as well as of them.

    No negatives.... No judgements.... No worries.x

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