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    Intense people...



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    Intense people...

    Post  Admin on Wed Apr 06, 2016 8:05 pm

    The understanding:

    The misunderstanding:

    The second link is dire, and the message even more so...
    "Feel and show them respect. Remember that despite a style that rubs most people the wrong way, their intentions and often results are at least as worthy as are those of laid-back people"

    Can you believe that? I'm happy to know I have some things going for me that are at least as worthy as the less intense enjoy..... Then again, I see intense people as something altogether different than that article addresses.

    If somebody bugs me, why would I deceive them. Just because they're the only ones who can carry the task through? Find another way instead of using them.

    Understand that they have a purpose, same as you!

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